“The Internet is slow, superficial, chaotic, nerdy, hostile, and largely a waste of time. You just gotta try it.” — an observer of the internet, 1995.

Read this quote and thought of bitcoin. Detractors have called Bitcoin slow, superficial, chaotic, and too nerdy and technical for mainstream adoption. The Bitcoin community has been called hostile. And the entire idea of decentralization labeled as a misadventure — a mere waste of time.

We shall see!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Advisors agree with Buffett: Don't waste your hard-earned cash on bitcoin

In fact, they urge clients not to waste their hard-earned money on bitcoin. And what about blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin? Right now a variety of companies are trying to find new ways to utilize blockchain technology. For investors, the question to ask is: Do you look for companies developing …
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Blockchain Joins Efforts to Improve Food Traceability amid Rising Waste and Safety Fears

Blockchain technology has emerged as a tool for addressing an important global issue: the growing complexity of the food supply chain and the increasing amount of wasted food, according to a senior research fellow at the University of Surrey. Writing in The Conversation, an online source of information from the academic and research community, senior […]

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BItcoin mining – is it a race and how to not waste resourses

My question term race is not about race attack term.

I’ve read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin and want to get practice using bitcoin, no need to recover electricity bills and get profit now.

One of things not clear to me – is creating new block a race? that is which mining pool first solves puzzle will get reward, others just wasted processing efforts for that block? If yes, how small pools compete with largest one?

If I install say p2p mining software on ordinary PC, can I expect to gain some micro-microbitcoins in several hours (as block is added each 10 minites)? If I join largest pool?

Is mining always means gaining both new bitcoins issued and transaction fees?

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