Op Ed: The SEC Is Watching Cryptocurrencies, So Beware — But Don't Overreact (bitcoinmagazine.com)

A startling trend has recently emerged in the cryptocurrency industry. Since July 2017, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has regularly begun asserting itself in this space. It has taken various actions against several companies relating to their Initial Coin Offerings, or “ICOs,” or other cryptocurrency activities. It investigated The DAO, an online corporation, and declared that its ICO involved securities subject to regulation under federal securities laws. It also…


Bitcoin Price Analysis: Watching World Events and “Three Pushes to a High” (bitcoinmagazine.com)

BTC-USD is up 160% in the 6 weeks since it last bottomed out at around $ 1800. The $ 2850 growth marks the sixth week in a row of new highs and aggressive bull runs as bitcoin sits upon its current all-time high in the $ 4600s. One can’t help but wonder where the top of this run lies; Goldman Sachs is calling the top of the bull run at around $ 4800.Historically, during times of war and political uncertainty, investors tend to seek financial safe havens in precious metals and other long-lasting…


Receive at Watching Only Wallet

I am a little foggy about the Watching Wallet copy in Armory. I have received BTC in my Watching only wallet. Is there anything that I need to do now to get those to the Cold Storage Wallet or is the Cold storage Wallet only needed to sign Spending transactions. If so then in that Case I assume that the accurate balance in the Cold Wallet does not need to be reflected as it is only used for spending?


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