“I would take my salary in Bitcoin if merchants accepted it.” The way Bitcoin wins is if WE show demand for the merchants who ALREADY DO accept it. 10,000’s of merchants accept Bitcoin, but we can’t find them online. Screw another website tracking price. We need a website that facilitates trade.

If you think that this ecosystem is too big for you to make an impact, you're sadly mistaken. The guy who started Coinmarketcap.com was a college kid living in Brooklyn.

It's up to us to build the future. It's up to us to drive demand. Many merchants offer a discount for paying in Bitcoin – Fuck it, I'd gladly pay 5% more if you let me pay in Bitcoin.

Create a website. Make a little database search. Email merchants asking if they want to be listed.

Get popular, make a millino bucks no problem.

Microsoft was started in a garage. Coinmarketcap was started by a guy who bought a website domain sitting in his bedroom.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Be careful of this website: “blockckhain.info”

When you go there it tries to get your login. I was suspicious when I got an email "You've got bitcoin". Luckly LastPass didn't recognize the website so thats when I noticed it wasn't the correct URL. Be careful friends

edit: I dont use blockchain.info so thats why I was suspicious to begin with.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet