Bitcoin Cash Thrives During Its First Two Weeks of Life (

It’s been two weeks since the hard fork on August 1, which formed a new network called Bitcoin Cash (BCH). As the days continue, BCH has garnered more support over the last two weeks from cryptocurrency-based businesses, exchanges and wallet providers.
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PSA : bitcoin down 10% this past week, *up* 17% for the past 4 weeks, up 134% for the past 90 days. Up 273% for the past year.

When an asset has improved 134% in 90 days, you gotta take a 10% market correction with some sense of perspective.

  • Note. Those numbers can change fast too. Since I posted this 30 minutes ago bitcoin has had a big bounce.
  • In the past 30 minutes the numbers are now: Down 8.5% in the past week. Up 20% in the past 4 weeks. Up 140% in the past 90 days. Up 281% in the past year.

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Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Rebound After Last Week’s Dip (

The price of bitcoin seems to have found some stability over the past 24 hours, after last week’s sharp upward climb in value followed by a 30 percent dip the next day. Since the drop, the price has bounced back and is hovering around US$ 2250-2300 per BTC at the time of writing.
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