Bitcoin is Cheap Until April, We’ll Never See Price at $3,000 Again: Trader

Despite being down 80 percent from its all-time high, a fairly large number of investors are still cautious and shorting bitcoin in a low price range. Bitcoin shorts achieved a 3-week high earlier this week, demonstrating a  lack of confidence of investors in the cryptocurrency market in the near-term performance of bitcoin. But, according to a trader known to the cryptocurrency industry as “Galaxy,” bitcoin at $ 3,000 may be a rare opportunity that does not come again in the future. Why $ 3,000 For Bitcoin is Rare According to Galaxy, since its inception, bitcoin has established a trend of reaching a

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If trading bitcoin is taxable, then why isn’t trading Warcraft gold taxable? It has a USD valuation as well.

I just can't wrap my head on how the IRS diferentiates between bitcoin and warcraft gold(and any other online video game currency). They are both virtual currencies, both can be used to buy virtual and real-life items and services, and both has an arbitrary fiat exchange rate: link

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