I am sure everyone here at some point wondered why your parents didn’t invest in Apple, or Microsoft or other companies when they were just a dollar or so a share? Ever wonder why your parents didn’t buy some homes or land when it was cheap? Today I got my answer.

I was taking my dad early in the morning to an appointment he had. After he was done we went to breakfast. Out of nowhere I see a bitcoin ATM in the distance. We walked over and I got some, not a lot because it would upset him. He is against bitcoin even though he does not know what it is.

My dad has been buying stocks for 50 years, and never once does he buy into anything early on. He is always coming late to the party, I think most people are like this.

I can give you 100 reasons why you should not buy bitcoin, but those reasons will not be valid in 3 years from now given the rate of innovation and adaptation.

One day my daughter will ask me why I didn't buy more when it was cheap, my answer will be because I didn't have more money to buy, not because I thought its going nowhere.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Chatting to a taxi driver last night who tells me he has to pay £120 per week to be able to take card payments in his taxi. We then had to spend a couple of minutes manually typing the numbers into the machine. If only there were a quicker means of payment with lower costs of transacting 🤔

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Last week 1,190 BTC (all time high) were traded using localbitcoins in Venezuela. One BTC is around 1,900,000 BsS (all time high too). Montly minimum was increased from around 5 USD (1800 BsS.) to 12 USD (4500 BsS.). Inflation in the last three months was 400,000%.

Hi guys, monthly update. I'm Venezuelan living here, each day needing more money to survive. It's incredible how inflation is reaching even "hard" currency like USD or EUROS.





BTW: Maduro "ordered" to change the value of the petro v2 (Venezuelan "crypto") from around 3,600 BsS. to 9,000 BsS.


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Crypto billionaire Brock Pierce: angry people at Puerto Rico community meeting were “paid actors from Chicago and New York”

You may've seen a video online where Puerto Ricans yell at Brock Pierce at a community meeting. Those people, he says, were paid actors. "Yeah, I’ve got full dossiers on them. They’re not even Puerto Rican. They flew in just to do that." https://breakermag.com/brock-pierce-gets-your-skepticism-what-were-attempting-to-do-is-a-bit-crazy/

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet