Darknet Markets Are Back – But With the Blockchain Bloated Who’s Buying? (news.bitcoin.com)

Darknet markets, prized for their range of wares not commonly found on the clearnet, are back online. For the past three weeks, the most popular DNMs, including Dream and Aero, have been offline due to sustained DDoS attacks. Now, following a lengthy hiatus, the majority of markets are back online. There’s just one problem: with bitcoin transactions sometimes taking hours or even days to confirm, several markets are still largely unusable.
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A thank you to everyone who’s supported coinb.in

Https://coinb.in is a small project of mine, which seems to be gaining a lot of popularity. It's received over 6 bitcoin in donations and because of that I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's donated or contributed, aside from it meaning a lot to me, its helping further development. There are quite a few new features in the pipeline ready to go live in the next few weeks after some extensive testing.

Thanks for your support!

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Your money is already just numbers in somebody’s computer, the only question you have to ask yourself, who’s computer?

A lot of people struggle to understand bitcoin, because it's "digital", without recognizing the simple fact that nearly all money today is digital. Virtually all of our money today is just numbers stored in a database on someone else's computer.

However, there are important distinctions between having your money represented on a computer owned by a bank or stored on a tens of thousands of computers worldwide in a cryptographically secured peer-to-peer network.

Your digital money at a bank can be frozen, stolen, blocked, hacked, and devalued. You cannot do anything with your digital money stored at a bank without permission from the bank that controls it and under the scrutiny and whim of the state. Your funds can be blocked, confiscated and, most certainly, tracked and reported to the government.

Your digital funds on the blockchain suffer from none of these issues, with the only legitimate concern being that the value can fluctuate substantially on a daily basis.

This works out to a simple cost/benefit calculation for your personal risk tolerance.

Savings in bitcoin are likely, on average, to increase in value over time. Savings in fiat are 100℅ guaranteed by design to be worth less over time.

I just thought I would share this as a gentle reminder any time someone claims bitcoin isn't "real" because it's just numbers on a computer.

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