On-Site Verification May Be Required to Withdraw From Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges (news.bitcoin.com)

New regulatory guidelines in China may require citizens to verify their identities in person to deposit or withdraw 50,000 yuan when using a Chinese bitcoin trading platform.
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  The PBOC Aims to Standardize Regulatory Framework and Identity Verification Requirements for Chinese…


PLEASR HELP, I can’t withdraw my money and it’s alot [on hold]

Hey I just purchased Bitcoin today, so I sent it to another wallet now I can’t withdraw it, and the website don’t have any sort of contact,you have to be a buyer and the amount of money I have can’t make purchases it’s over 4btc and I have 2.1btc it was a mistake, I sent it at 12 I received it at 1, when I withdraw the money it loads and becomes an empty page, and when I refresh it says wrong address, I tried with couple of wallets same thing,even tho I can receive money, any sort of help will be appreciated,please if anyone have contact for Tor shop, the web designer can you give me so I can tell them my problem, or can I do something from my side, should I wait 24 hours? If yes why?

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