Coinbase Withdrawal Delays Leave Users Frustrated, Crying Foul (

When you are dealing with platforms that are supposed to be the on-ramps to the money of the future it’s hard to accept worse performance than the systems of the past. Unfortunately, this an issue plaguing all major cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment with Coinbase being one of the leading examples right now.
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$1.8M withdrawal stuck in Bitstamp for more than a week now

As seen in this sub, the only way to actually get a reaction from exchange customer representatives is to make the issue public.

I have withdrawn $ 1.8M from Bitstamp last Tuesday (5 December). Needless to say, the wire is still pending and there is no reaction whatsoever from support (the only message I received was a generic "I have already escalated your case to the appropriate department who will further process your request." yesterday).

The issue is reminiscent of MtGox – this is exactly how their downfall has started. ATH, no replies from reps, missing withdrawals.

I'd advise against holding any serious amount of money in Bitstamp – I'm starting to seriously doubt their solvency. Please upvote to make the issue more visible.

Support ticket #242125

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