Research Shows Half a Billion People Are Mining Cryptocurrencies Without Knowing It (

The company behind the ad blocking program Adguard has analyzed the most popular 100,000 websites for cryptocurrency mining scripts. They found that over 500 million people have been mining cryptocurrencies and “they have no idea it is happening.” Each website running the script earns an estimated $ 43,000 within the three-week period studied.
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S2X supporters keep whining because we won’t let them steal our money without complaining

That isn't even hyperbole. They are literally claiming they can't understand why anyone would object to their overwhelming consensus majority mining support.

I've seen some crazy fucking tweets since the bitfinex futures market launched. They are sincerely butthurt at the possibility that their fork might dare be listed as a different token.

And, of yeah, we are all paid shills, not people they are trying to rob.

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