Hello. I’m 21, without IT or informatics studies and here is my contribution for Bitcoin

For almost 2 months I started to work from passion to a bitcoin website. First, it was supposed to be a blog with advices, but reading some project's instructions on github, I started to search for more info and start a new website with handy tools for Bitcoin :).

Because I have a job in an offline environment, I only worked 2-3 hours on evening. Without experience I used a lot of copy-paste, learned more about bitcoin and API management.

Now, I'm very glad with my project, https://bitcotools.com 🙂 – a full bitcoin converter – fee recomandation – verify signed message – transaction broadcast – check multiple balances – qr code generator

I'm sure that I will not stop here and I will continue to add more features and graphics on this site, despite the fact that I do not have necessary knowledge.

Main idea is that everybody that have a passion for Bitcoin should start doing something to help this big revolution; like a blog post, an original widget, a presentation, a share…anything that can help ;). Somebody would appreciate your work.

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