Woman Used Darknet Hitman Service in Failed Murder Plot (deepd.tw)

In Denmark, a woman faces charges for attempting to have her boyfriend killed through a fake hitman-for-hire service on the darknet. At an undisclosed date prior to March 31, 2017, British authorities alerted Italian authorities that someone in Denmark had attempted to have an Italian citizen killed. Italian authorities then alerted law enforcement in Denmark.
Although North Zealand police arrested the 58-year-old suspect in March of this year, they managed to keep the case from…


[AMA] I’m the woman who got pepper sprayed wearing the “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat.

You can check out the video here:


I'm planning on making a video describing all the happening since the event over the next few days. But the short of it is that my end goal is a free society. I'm a voluntarist, a bitcoin advocate, and a real life Trump supporter.

UPDATE: Thank you r/Bitcoin for briefly tolerating politics. Byyye.

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