i lost my password and 12 word can i recover my password?

I am new user i crate my bitcoin wallet on zebpay then my friend tell me to creat bitcoin wallet on blockchain.info as he suggest me i creat new bitcoine wallet and send 40000 INR in new wallet after a week i try to open my wallet but i forgot my password when i try to recover it system says to 12 word but i have no knowledge about 12 word now how i recover my money please anybody help me

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Okay folks, I’m so happy to tell you that my wallet problem has been resolved. I owe an awful lot of gratitude to grnqrtr for his endless patience. He walked me through some real technical process and recovered my wallet. Only one wrong word and 3 months of anxiety!! He is a great guy.

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13 Word backup restore (reddit.com)

I added a few dollars to a bitcoin wallet and created a 13 word backup roughly a year ago. Since then the phone I was using broke and I need to restore. However when I go to restore it in either Mycelium or Electrum it won’t accept 13 words. Mycelium stops at 12 and Electrum waits for another. I haven’t used it since adding the coins and I forget how I created it in the first place. My question is, how can I restore my backup?