Watch: Facebook Alum. Sean Parker Bashes Amazon, Warns Echo is Spying on Every Word You Say

Facebook founding president Sean Parker wants you to know that Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo devices are listening to every word you say and may be filing away your private conversations for future use. Ex-Facebook Executive Sean Parker Bashes Amazon Over Privacy Parker, who also founded the now-shuttered Napster, revved up the conversation about how personal assistant devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices are spying on you. They’re doing this without you saying trigger phrases like “Hey Alexa” or “Hey Google.” Parker commented on privacy issues and these personal assistant devices on Wednesday morning while speaking at the Milken Institute

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After 3 long weeks i finally set up my Lightning node on RPI and i could not be happier for all the things i learnt in this journey, i read about programming, command lines, bitcoin, lightning and DAMN i realised how little i know about all this amazing world and how much I FKING LOVE IT! But one thing sticked with me… I'm planning to keep learning and spreading the word, the power of lightning is real!

I can calmly say that if i managed to make this happen ANYONE (LITERALLY) can do the same for less than 100$ just like I did. I never opened the terminal in Mac before and today im amazed by all the things that little black screen can do.

I also should be thanking for all the help i got from the Lightning Network & Lightning Network en Espanol channels in Telegram, there are 3 or 4 lads over there with the patience of a MONK! Explaining certain kind of things to me wasn't an easy task for sure. So u all non believers or lazy people, get on board now and i promise that you WILL NEVER REGRET about that decision.

This has been one of the best investments i've made in my life, the money, time and brain cells i spent during the process were not in vain.

Thank you all developers out there!

If you like to connect with my node here it is 🙂 it will for sure be running 24/7!


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