Here's proof that this bitcoin crash is far from the worst the cryptocurrency has seen

Panicking that the bitcoin bubble has finally burst? The popular cryptocurrency actually has a history of surviving crashes, and in its short life has already been through 13 major corrections or crashes. That's according to an analysis by data visualization site HowMuch, which compiled all of bitcoin's …
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possibly the worst thing about this crash…

All the shit I have to hear in the office.

The god damn "i-told-ya-so" from John. "I have no idea how stocks or anything like that work but i know bullshit when i see it. I can't believe people were dumb enough to buy fake money."

Yea ok mate, if i need a status update on that box of donuts in the break room, you're my go-to guy. other than that? shut up and go back to being shit at your job.

Then you've got Becky, flapping her useless mouth in the background who "knew" bitcoin was a scam when her boyfriend's Sister's cousin told her that the "bitcoin inventor guy" posted on his website that he was selling all his bitcoin.

"Money can't just be numbers on screens, that's not how money works. it has to be something you can hold as well! With all this net neutrality stuff going on you'd be crazy to invest in money that they can just shut down with the flick of a switch!"

Becky, last week i heard you ask the IT guy if you needed two mice plugged in to your computer if you want to use two screens at once and now you have a working knowledge of both the monetary system, crypto currencies AND the internet?! that's very impressive.

I have no idea why this is annoying me so much, I just found the need to rant while waiting for a meeting to start.

Edit: people seem to have come to some weird conclusions that i've been doing nothing but come to work and try sell crypto to the entire office. the "i told ya so" isn't directed at me or anyone in particular, it's just general chatter around the office. i'm not printing out weekly bitcoin news letters to put on peoples desks or waiting by their car at night to ask why they haven't bought BTC.

Try not to jump to conclusions based on a semi-satirical piece of information.

Don't be a John or a Becky

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Because of many years of reading this sub and the advice provided here, on the worst day of my life, I didn’t lose my bitcoin.

About 6 weeks ago, I had a house fire. It consumed everything. I did my best to fight it, and when I failed at that, woke my friend up who was staying in a guest room, then gave my all for about 15 minutes to find my cats in the blaze. Ultimately got dragged away by the FD and taken to the hospital. I didn't even think about my bitcoin, as honestly, my cats were all I cared about.

3 weeks earlier, I realized I had a stupid amount of money sitting in a wallet.dat file on my computer, and that I really really should put it on a hardware wallet. So I did. I bought a trezor, loaded it up with my BTC and most other coins I had, and put it in a fire safe:

Here it is. Thanks Trezor. Your product is amazing. The house burned to the foundation, and the firesafe was externally destroyed, but despite the external appearance, inside was a toasted piece of paper with my seed words and this little guy. He was cooked from the heat, and sopping wet from the flood of water they poured on the house (nearest hydrant was a mile away and so it took an hour to start fighting it).

On that day I lost literally everything. Everything I have ever owned in 33 years of life, and my cats. Since that time I've been emotionally devastated, and I'm working really hard on recovering from that. But because of listening to advice on this sub, I had a trezor in a fire safe. I didn't lose anything but some byteball/pivx/dash I had on my desktop computer I forgot to backup. 95% of my holdings since 2012 remain.

Thank you /r/Bitcoin and thank you to the makers of Trezor. That little guy is tough as hell. I dont think its advertised as waterproof but I pulled it from an immersed box sopping wet. I let it dry and here is how it looked after when it worked. I now have two cloned trezors in different locations and a safety deposit box with my seed. Saving my bitcoin and this price rise has allowed us to pay for pretty much everything we need since the event happened.

Please, do not offer any donations to me, I'm fine. If you want to support anything, support the Ferndale Cat Shelter. I'm the president of the charity. We take care of Detroit Strays. My cats had Guinness World Records and did charity events to raise funds for them. Now that they are gone, we lost that revenue stream for the charity. We accept bitcoin locally at the catfe for donations, adoptions and coffee but I wont post that info here.

You'll know when you're there as our old address started with 1Catfe and our new address starts with 1CatCafe =)

Took ages to offline hash that one out!

Anyways, that's the story, thanks again /r/Bitcoin, you made the worst day of my life less terrible.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet