2019 is the Year of Lightning! Christmas Giveaway to promote adoption!

How is everyone doing today? Merry Christmas! I have a full node running Bitcoin core, C-lightning and channels open left and right. I thought it would be fun to the spread the love on Christmas, so here we go:

  1. Post and Up-vote – I will shoot you some excellent lightning tips using the tip bot. I took me 3 minutes to setup this bot using this link here: https://www.reddit.com/r/lntipbot/wiki/index
  2. Want to be real hardcore? Post an invoice for any amount of Satoshis between 10-100 Satoshis. Payments go directly from you to me, no intermediary!
  3. If someone posts an invoice and you pay for it before I do (I will know!), simply post a "paid!" and I will tip you both for your good spirits. This is a challenge to the hardcore lightning nerds out there!

Most importantly! What if I don't have a lightning wallet, or channels open, or anything like that? No worries! I recommend:

  1. Tip others!
  2. Withdraw your coins onto these fun gambling sites and see what happens!
    1. https://www.lightningslotmachine.com
    2. https://www.lightningspin.com/
  3. This is the best of all – go to https://zigzag.io/#/ and spend your lightning to have ZigZag send you on-chain funds. Isn't that so awesome! Make sure you have at least a few k of satoshis though!

Also – want to connect to a secure lightning node that will never shut you off and is very well connected? Connect to me!


My channel ID: 02a06694175d9b1989c5eb398c86da69ebdea439db7b847586c16dadbbc9c67bf8@

Merry Christmas! Best jokes get most Satoshis!

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