Nominee to New York Federal Reserve Claims That Crypto Isn’t Currency (

The current president and chief executive officer of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, and the man expected to soon be the New York Federal Reserve Bank, John Williams, has rejected the suggestion that cryptocurrencies comprise currency.
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Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Can't Replace the Dollar, Says New York Fed Chief Nominee

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey predicted that Bitcoin will eclipse all the world's currencies in around 10 years . But the man nominated to be head of the New York Federal Reserve disagrees. In a speech Friday, the current San Francisco Fed President John Williams laid out a case for why cryptocurrencies, …
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Kraken CEO Condemns “Hostile” Questionnaire Issued by New York AG (

Jessie Powell, the CEO of U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, has publicly stated his refusal to answer a questionnaire issued by the New York Attorney General’s office. Mr. Powell has described the questionnaire – which was sent to thirteen virtual currency exchanges operating in the United States – as hostile to both cryptocurrencies and the virtual currency sector generally.
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Bitcoin Couture Makes Its Debut at New York Fashion Week (

While New York Stock Exchange traders were grappling with a market in freefall, elsewhere in the city this week all eyes were on more important matters. New York Fashion Week officially starts today (February 8), and at a pre-show on Tuesday, the latest haute couture and avant-garde designs were on display. Seeking to tap into the zeitgeist, Ovadia & Sons’ catwalk show featured a model rocking a bitcoin-themed outfit.
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