Bitcoin Couture Makes Its Debut at New York Fashion Week (

While New York Stock Exchange traders were grappling with a market in freefall, elsewhere in the city this week all eyes were on more important matters. New York Fashion Week officially starts today (February 8), and at a pre-show on Tuesday, the latest haute couture and avant-garde designs were on display. Seeking to tap into the zeitgeist, Ovadia & Sons’ catwalk show featured a model rocking a bitcoin-themed outfit.
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New York Wants a Piece of the Ever Growing Bitcoin Mining Pie (

Watch out Canada! New York wants a piece of the bitcoin mining market, securing for its residents revenues and jobs that come along with the electricity intensive process. Bitcoin mining might even help revive local economies that once relied on polluting industries. 
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The New York Stock Exchange is looking to list a suite of ETFs that would amplify bitcoin's volatility

The New York Stock Exchange is looking to list a number of funds linked to bitcoin futures on its NYSE Arca venue. The leveraged ETFs, which go long and short, would multiple the spine-tingling volatility of bitcoin. Some products could also expose investors to more risk.
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