Reward-based Social Media Platform Yours Switches from Litecoin to Bitcoin Cash (

On August 22 the creator of the Yours network, Ryan X Charles, announced his blockchain based media platform is switching over from litecoin to bitcoin cash. The team just recently switched from the legacy bitcoin chain to litecoin because of the protocol’s inability to process micro-transactions.
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How can you be sure that your bitcoin address is yours if it is randomly generated?

I have understood that the amount of addresses that can be created is very very large. But all estimates I have seen don’t take into account that a user has multiple addresses. What got me concerned is that the bitcoin wallet I use “Blockchain” generates brand new addresses for my wallet for every transaction. All address that are generated belong to me. I’m not sure if every bitcoin wallet works like this. However I haven’t crunched any numbers but in the future with the amount of transactions that could occur. The chances of generating a duplicate address may still be high but not high enough for you to be certain? Sorry if this is a stupid question I have been looking into bitcoin for only 2 months or so and seemed like something that wasn’t discussed when answering questions like this.

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If you came here after reading the news of Bitcoin reaching $1000 then please remember: You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin. Don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose & if you don’t control the keys, the coins aren’t yours.

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